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An Introduction to Final Fantasy XII Hunts

Hunts are side quests in Final Fantasy XII that entail hunting down particularly strong monsters in exchange for a compensatory reward (treasure, gil etc.). These monsters are referred to as marks.

Each hunt begins with reading a bill posted on the various hunt boards throughout Ivalice. Each bill has a petitioner. Players must find the petitioner and speak to her or her to accept the hunt. Once accepted, the target mark must be sought out and defeated.

(Note that each hunt board shares the same bills, regardless of city.)

Some FFXII hunts require the completion of additional tasks, such as retrieving and delivering items to the petitioner that are dropped by defeated marks.

Once a mark is defeated, reporting back to the original petitioner will complete the hunt and a reward will be received.

Marks are ranked according to difficulty, from Rank I to Rank VIII.

There are also “elite” marks. Elite marks are as they sound: elite. They are tougher than regular marks and will require extra attention to planning of gambits and overall strategy. Fortunately, the rewards are well worth it.

Elite marks are not posted on hunt boards; they must be obtained by speaking to Montblanc in Rabanastre’s Clan Centurio. Montblanc will inform you of the petitioner (whom you must then seek out).

There are 45 hunts in total, 13 of which are comprised of elite marks:

Cluckatrice, Rocktoise, Orthros, Gil Snapper, Trickster, Antlion, Carrot, Gilgamesh, Belito, Behemoth King, Ixion, Shadowseer, Yiazmat

Happy hunting!